Kentucky Brain Injury Law Firm: 16-Month-Old Girl Dies from TBI Caused by Jefferson County Multi-Vehicle Collision

A Kentucky multi-vehicle collision in Jefferson County has claimed the life of a 16-month-old girl. Daphnie Mangrum was pronounced dead from a traumatic brain injury at a local hospital on Saturday. Mangrum’s mother and two siblings were also injured in the catastrophic Kentucky car crash, which occurred on the Dixie Highway on Thursday afternoon. The three of them are expected to recover.

According to Louisville Metro Police, at about 4:48pm, a Mazda drifted into the center lane, hitting a Dodge Caliber, which then struck a Chevy Lumina before hitting a Dodge Ram truck. Daphnie and her family members were riding in the Lumina. The children in the car were reportedly not properly restrained. The driver of the Mazda and the Lumina were transported to hospitals. West Point resident Janet Crowell, who was driving the Dodge Caliber, was pronounced dead at the crash site.

Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of TBI’s, followed by fall accidents and athletic injuries. 
• Every 15 seconds, someone sustains a TBI.
• TBI’s occur when there has been a jolt or blow or a penetrating injury to the head. 
• 1.4 million people sustain TBI’s each year. 
• 50,000 people die from TBI’s annually.
• About 2,685 kids, ages 14 and under, die from TBI’s each year.

While traumatic brain injuries can range from mild (approximately 75% of TBIs are mild TBI’s) to severe to fatal, there are those who do survive and continue to live with catastrophic TBI’s that require them to receive long-term, specialized care. A TBI can affect one’s senses, memory, and the abilities to communicate, comprehend, and reason, as well as result in personality changes, depression, and changes in behavior, as Setareh Law has observed.

Living with a serious TBI can be costly and life changing. Losing someone you love because they sustained a fatal TBI can be incredibly traumatic.

Louisville Premises Liability Lawsuit Filed Over Kentucky Stairwell Collapse

In Jefferson Circuit Court, two people who got hurt when a stairway in a Louisville building collapsed are suing the owners of the century-old building for Kentucky premises liability. The Louisville personal injury accident occurred on March 3 when Alan DeLisle and Pattie Clare took a tour of the Fort Nelson property with owners Paul and Carolan Bariteaus. DeLisle oversees Louisville’s downtown development and Clare is his chief deputy.

The stairwell fell two stories, and Paul Bariteau, Clare, and DeLisle became trapped beneath the debris. Carolan was able to arrive at the 3rd floor before the stairway dropped out. She was rescued by firefighters.

According to the Louisville premises liability lawsuit, the Bariteaus should have been aware the structure was not safe, should have maintained the building, should have repaired any hazardous conditions, and should have warned the victims of possible hazards. The two metro workers are seeking a jury trial and compensatory damages. Their lawsuit also names Forte Development Inc. as one of the Louisville premises liability defendants.

According to a spokesperson for Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, no city inspectors have been to the building over the last five years because no work occurred on the premise that warranted a safety inspection. The building was constructed in the 1880’s. Paul Bariteau purchased the building over 10 years ago.

If you were injured on another person’s property, you may be entitled to boynton beach criminal lawyer. Examples of some common kinds of premises liability cases, include:

Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents: Slipping, tripping, or falling on the ground because there was an unsafe condition that caused the accident. This can result in painful, debilitating injuries, such as head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, and hip injuries.

Inadequate Security: A person becomes a victim of a violent crime because there wasn’t enough security or lighting on the property that could have prevented the incident from happening.

Defective Conditions: A person is hurt because of a defect on the property or a defective product on the premise that the property owner could have and should have removed or repaired but failed to do so.

Inadequate Maintenance: A property owner fails to repair an existing hazard on a premise and/or fails to warn patrons or visitors about the danger.

Lexington Teen Driving Accident: One Kentucky High School Student Dies and Three Others Are Seriously Injured

At Bryan Station High School, students are anxiously waiting to find out the condition of three of their classmates who were seriously injured in a Lexington motor vehicle crash on Monday night. One of their other classmates, 15-year-old Nathaniel Lee Stuckey, died in the collision on Russell Cave Road on Monday night.

The driver of the car, Nicoli Petitfrere, 17, and passenger Jasmine Marks, 16, are still in critical condition, while Kierra Fulz, 17, is in fair condition. According to Lexington police, speed may have been a factor, with the teenagers’ car going faster than the 55 mph speed limit.

The Kentucky teen driving accident took place around 7pm when Petitfrere lost control of the white Toyota Camry and drove off the narrow two-lane road, striking a rock wall and hitting a tree head-on. Three of the Kentucky car crash victims had to be extricated from the Toyota. Stuckey, who was sitting in the front-passenger seat of the car was pronounced dead at the crash site.

Dangers of Speeding
• Speeding is a contributing factor in over 30% of deadly US traffic accidents.
• It occurs on freeways and on local streets.
• You can be speeding even if you are abiding by the posted legal limit if the weather conditions warrant that you drive slower.

Speeding Facts by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
• Speeding played a role in than 13,000 motor vehicle fatalities in 2007.
• 88% of traffic fatalities where speeding was involved took place on Interstate highways.
• 24% of speeding-related deaths occurred on roads with speed limits posted at 35 mph or lower.

If you were seriously injured in a Kentucky car crash, retaining the services of an experienced Lexington car accident lawyer can make obtaining your financial recovery a lot easier. Your personal injury team at Umansky Law can work with accident reconstructions and other accident experts who can help determine whether speed or another factor was the cause of your deadly Lexington auto accident.

Private Analysis: Overview

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Bill to raise age requirement for car seats passes state House

After a sometimes emotional debate, a bill that would raise the minimum age for children not to use a car seat when riding in a vehicle to 9 passed the Georgia House of Representatives on March 1. The bill would also impose fines on parents caught not strapping their young children into car seats.

The 129-43 vote sends the bill to the Senate. According to an article in the Augusta Chronicle, House Republicans were split on the bill. Some argued that it was a necessary safety measure to protect children from death and serious injury in a car accident. Other Republicans, particularly freshman representatives who were elected as part of the tea party movement, objected to what they characterized as a “nanny state” regulation.

Longtime Human Services Chairwoman Penny Houston, R-Nashville, strongly denied that was the purpose of the bill. She said the charge that the measure was a “nanny bill” made her emotional.

Under the terms of the bill, children age 8 and younger would be required to ride in a car seat. Currently, the law only requires car seats for children age 4 and under. Parents would be fined $50 if caught driving with a child not in a car seat. A second offense would cost $100.

Rep. Ben Watson, R-Savannah, who is a physician, said he was initially unsure about the bill, but said he supported it because it would save taxpayers money on medical costs. The bill would lead to fewer uninsured children being injured in car accidents, he said. For assistance in car accident matters, contact the best Queens, NY car accident, attorney.


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