MonthOctober 2017

Toyland Trouble

Did you know that more toys are purchased in the United States between the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day than during the entire rest of the year? During the holiday gift giving season, it is tempting to buy children the newest toys with the brightest colors or cutest characters, but researchers suggest that many toys on the shelves are not safe for kids.

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group issues a “Trouble in Toyland” report each year. This year’s report noted the toys that pose the typical choking and laceration hazards, it also outlines a concerning number of toys that pose chemical exposure threats.

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Blindly Trusting Prescribed Medications

When people take medication as prescribed for a certain medical condition, they trust the drugs to make them feel better. While most people understand that medications can have some side effects such as drowsiness or an upset stomach, they rarely imagine a drug prescribed by a doctor could cause them to literally gamble way their life’s savings.

However, that is exactly what has happened to some patients who were taking Permax and Cabaser, medications used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Approximately 100 Australians are suing two pharmaceutical giants in a class action lawsuit, claiming these defective medications caused them to become gambling addicts. Some also say the drugs caused them to develop compulsive sexual behavior. While this is happening in Australia, it could just as easily be unfolding in Louisiana or any other state in the United States.

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The Dangers of Fishing

Fishing is a popular pastime for a significant number of Americans. However, a relaxing day on the water with friends or family members can turn into tragedy if a fishing boat malfunctions, resulting in injury and death.

Last weekend, five people went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. The group left Venice, Louisiana, at approximately 6:30 Saturday morning and entered the Gulf through the South Pass of the Mississippi. When the sport fishing boat was a few miles south of the mouth of the river, one of the vessel’s two engines inexplicably shut down.

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