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Thousands of DUIs

Every year Tens of Thousands of Drivers are arrested and charged with Driving Under The Influence, “DUI”. Being charged with DUI is a serious matter, but not as serious as being convicted. You need quality Legal Representation to explore every avenue of defense. 

If you have been arrested for Driving Under The Influence, “DUI”, chances are your license has been administratively suspended. You have 10 days to request an administrative review hearing to challenge the suspension, otherwise you loose this opportunity. It is imperative to explore this avenue, and when you retain a DUI defense lawyer, we will file the necessary paperwork and request this hearing.
A DUI conviction will remain with you for the rest of your life and could affect your ability to drive, work, obtain affordable insurance, and other consequences never thought of. There are many reasons to fight your DUI charge with experienced and aggressive legal representation, but there is no reason not to.

We represent people charged with Misdemeanor DUI, Felony DUI, Dui with personal injury, Dui manslaughter.


Melville Couple Seeks Help From Car Accident Attorney

For couples in Melville, it’s not always the best idea to try to settle family issues, including child custody disputes, without the help of a professional. A woman in Texas recently, for example, tried talking to her ex-boyfriend about their child’s custody, and their argument was capped off with a shooting later in the evening.

According to a Melville car accident lawyer, the woman approached her ex at a bar on a recent evening and asked him to give up his parental rights to their child. Their conversation about the child custody did not go well.

The woman apparently got into an altercation with the man’s new girlfriend and another patron. As the situation deteriorated outside the bar, the woman’s ex-boyfriend apparently had to be held back. Witnesses say he threatened revenge.

After the woman and her family left in her vehicle, the man apparently followed her in his car. While on the highway, he allegedly pulled up beside her car and fired four shots at the vehicle.

No one was wounded, but the woman did apparently sustain a minor injury from broken glass on her face. She and the occupants of her car apparently managed to drive away and call police. Her ex-boyfriend was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was being held in jail on $75,000 bond.

According to police, the woman told them she had been afraid of the man, who had violated protected orders against her and had previously been arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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