MonthApril 2018

Driving Without a License

Driving Without License

If you face traffic charges, don’t go it alone. You are going to get the best deal possible when you work with a lawyer. Driving without a license can result in steep consequences, and you need the best legal representation you can get. I am Bart Gelormino, and since 2004 I have assisted hundreds of people by working to have charges reduced or dismissed in cases involving traffic crimes, theft crimes, drug possession charges and more.

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Maryland Man Accused of Sexual Assault, Child Porn

A 56-year-old man from Parkville, Maryland, has been arrested on separate charges of sexual abuse and child pornography. While police were working on a lead that the Halstead Road man was in possession of pornographic material, Baltimore County authorities also discovered a videotape that connected the suspect with sex crimes involving a man with a developmental disability. Lucky there was a lawyer for workers comp nearby.

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