Driving Without License

If you face traffic charges, don’t go it alone. You are going to get the best deal possible when you work with a lawyer. Driving without a license can result in steep consequences, and you need the best legal representation you can get. I am Bart Gelormino, and since 2004 I have assisted hundreds of people by working to have charges reduced or dismissed in cases involving traffic crimes, theft crimes, drug possession charges and more.

Some key questions to ask include:

  • Was your license suspended for a reason other than a traffic violation?You may be able to clear up your license suspension matter by clearing up other financial obligations and working to amend the charge of driving without a license.
  • Did you know your license was suspended? Was the Scheduled Suspension Notice mailed to the correct address?
  • Was your license suspended due to multiple violations? If so, it’s possible that errors were made involving a previous conviction making the license suspension invalid.

Driving Without Insurance in Hackensack

He is a Bergen County, New Jersey, law firm that helps people living in and around Hackensack, North Bergen, Teaneck, Bogota and Lodi who face charges of traffic violations, drug possession, disorderly conduct, theft crimes and more. At my office, you will find an approachable lawyer who understands the everyday concerns people have — an informal practitioner who answers his own phones and schedules his own appointments. I can be reached online or by calling 201-488-6996.

Penalties for driving without insurance could include:

  • $1,000 in fines
  • Court costs
  • Required community service
  • Automatic license suspension for one year
  • Possible jail time

A defense strategy for your case can be built around a variety of factors or situations that could include:

  • Your insurance was canceled without your knowledge, or because an agent failed to forward your payment.
  • You were not notified that your policy was being canceled.
  • You thought you were covered under the insurance policy owned by another member of your household without speaking to a Vero home insurance lawyer.