How Do I Hire a Lawyer

How do I pay a lawyer if I hire one?

…A¬†Judge at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board must approve any fees paid to your attorney. The fees paid to lawyers in the workers’ compensation system are rather strictly regulated. The fee is typically 12% to 15% of the benefits awarded. Usually the insurance company will pay your attorney directly at the conclusion of your case. You should never have to pay your lawyer directly. If your case is lost and you have no recovery, then the lawyer does not get paid and you owe your attorney nothing. If your attorney has also represented you for vocational retraining, there will also be a fee in conjunction with this representation from a Milwaukee estate planning attorney.

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Attorneys Can’t Handle the Nurse Shortage

The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations [JCAHO] August 2002 media alert stated that “Nursing shortage puts lives at risk: Joint Commission expert panel issues urgent call to action.” Why has JCAHO issued this urgent alert? Because “patient care is suffering from a dramatic shortage of nurses, who are the front line of care and support for patients . . . too few nurses result in increased deaths, complications, and other undesirable patient outcomes.”

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